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Aruba Visa Information:
Aruba's path to the present day is marked by the mystery of ochre-colored rock drawings left behind by island shamans, the enterprising spirit of European adventurers and settlers and the diverse experiences and traditions brought by the many nationalities that have since sought out the island as either a new home or temporary resting place.
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As of July 1, 2006, persons planning to visit Aruba as a tourist may do so for a period not exceeding 30 days

(exceptions provided hereunder) for the purpose of recreation, sports, health, family reasons, study, religious

purposes or business must submit the following documentation:

• A valid travel document, which should be provided with a visa for Aruba in case it concerns a national,

not mentioned in list A or B. The travel document must be valid for at least more than 3 months than the return

travel date mentioned on the visitor’s ticket;

• The necessary documents for returning to the country of origin (valid permanent resident document);

• The visitor has to be able to show to the immigration officer (if so requested) that he has a valid reservation

for an (hotel/appartment) accommodation in Aruba or that he has sufficient financial resources to provide in

his cost of living during his stay;

• Return or onward ticket and other documents required for the next destination (visa etc.);

• A completely filled out and signed ED-Card which you will receive on the aircraft

Please note that travel insurance is presently being considered as a requirement. Please visit

regularly for updates on travel insurance. It is in any case highly recommended to buy travel insurance when

traveling anywhere.

Non-compliance with one of the above mentioned documentations might result in refusal of entry to Aruba.

Visitors with visa requirement who want to stay longer than 30 days in Aruba

With property in Aruba

Nationals of the countries mentioned in list C who were granted a visa for Aruba, and who want to stay on the

island for more than the maximum of 30 days allowed because they have ownership of a property on the

island, can apply for this upon entering Aruba. They must be able to provide to the immigration officer one of

the following: proof of ownership of a house in Aruba, proof of ownership of a time-share apartment or proof

of ownership of a pleasure yacht moored in Aruba with a length of at least 14 meters from the water line. If

the immigration officer is satisfied that this is the case and that all the other aforementioned requirements

have been met, the visitor(s) with a visa requirement can be granted a stay in Aruba of more than 30 days but

not exceeding 180 days. Once the visitor in this case has been granted a certain amount of days to stay in

Aruba that exceeds 30 days but is less than 180 days, and he/she decides during his/her stay on Aruba that

he/she wants to stay on the island for additional days (not exceeding 180 days in total), than he/she must

apply for an extension of his/her stay at the DIMAS.

Without property in Aruba

Visitors who require a visa and who do not own property in Aruba, but who want to stay longer in Aruba than

the duration of admittance (the visa) granted to them, can submit for that purpose a written and motivated

request to the DIMAS during their stay in Aruba by filling out the application form for this purpose at the

DIMAS. The DIMAS will subsequently review the request, after which it will either be granted or denied.

Requesting an extension of the duration of admittance does not automatically imply that it will be granted. In

case it is granted, under no circumstances will the consecutive period of stay in Aruba exceed 30 days. For

example, a tourist from Colombia who has received a visa for a length of stay of 15 days in Aruba, and who

wants to extend it by 15 days, must submit a request to the DIMAS to extend his/her length of stay to up to 30



 at an Embassy or a Consulate (diplomatic missions) of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. For information about

the required documents and for visa application forms, the person with visa requirements who intends to visit

Aruba should contact the nearest Dutch diplomatic mission. They can refer to the website of the Ministry of

Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands to obtain the contact information for the Dutch Embassy of Consulate of

Visitors, who are nationals of countries that require a visa for Aruba, must submit a visa application in person
their choice,
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