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Turkmenistan visa Information,Turkmenistan Embassy address

Turkmenistan Visa Information:

The energy-rich Central Asian country revives its most ancient rituals and customs, and discovers old taboos that were thinly papered over during Communist rule. Many marriages are arranged, but marriages-of-love are becoming more popular. Muslims in Turkmenistan are of the Sunni faith, and do not share the Islamic fundamentalism of their neighbors in Afghnaistan and Iran Turkmenistan flag

Visa Requirements
Procedure for Obtaining a Visa :  Please read the following directions below. Questions regarding visas, requests for applications, and completed applications should be directed to the Embassy of Turkmenistan:

The Embassy of Turkmenistan
2207 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Washington , DC 20008
Phone: 202-588-1500; Fax: 202-588-0697

All Applicants: Obtain a new 2005 edition of Visa Application Form from the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Washington D.C. Or download it from here in pdf. Before completing application please read instructions. Please fill in the Visa Application in two copies with recent passport size photos glued to each form. Do not staple pictures. Supply dates in the order of day-month-year. Old application editions or applications folded or otherwise deteriorated will no longer be accepted. Submit a signed passport (valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure) along with its 1st page copy (showing bearer’s details and signature), arranged in a way that it fits vertically into the upper half part of a standard Letter Size paper (8.1/2”x 11”). The Embassy must have the original passport to process a visa.

"Submit a money order payable to: "Meret Orazov,Embassy of Turkmenistan" (for the appropriate fee see Visa Cost Schedule). Declined money orders will be subject to $35 Return Fee."

Submit a letter of invitation from the person or company to be visited certified by the State Foreign Citizens Registration Service of Turkmenistan. The invitation is valid only for 3 (three) months from the date it was confirmed. Persons planning to stay in Turkmenistan for more than 3 months need to present HIV certificate from a doctor.

If you are traveling as a tourist and will not be meeting anyone in Turkmenistan, you must contact any of travel and tourism agencies or companies in Turkmenistan. E.g. "Turkmen Syyahat" Tel: (993-12) 35-47-77, 39-86-91; Fax: (993-12) 39-67-40 or 39-00-65, 39-77-71. You can also visit them at for additional information and services available.

Enclose self-addressed, stamped envelope or pre-paid courier package for the return of the passport, unless you plan to pick it up from the Embassy.

Legal Resident Aliens: In addition to the requirements listed above, legal resident aliens of the United States, Canada, and Mexico must have a valid visa for re-entry into their country of residence and must submit a copy of their Resident Alien Card.

Checklist :
1-Two (2) Visa Applications per person
2-Passport and its copy as described above
3-Two (2) passport size photos glued to the Applications
4-Check or money order payable to the order of the Embassy of Turkmenistan
5-Certified letter of invitation
6-Self-addressed, stamped envelope or pre-paid courier package
The processing time for a visa is 5-10 business days. It is possible, however, to expedite the process to three business days if the application is complete, the paperwork is in order, and an additional 100% of the cost of the visa is included in the payment. Applicants must provide the return fees for any mail service they decide to use.

Please, note that the answers to questions on the visa application will be reflected in the issued visa and should match those submitted in original documentation in Turkmenistan.

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